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Litigation and Alternate Dispute Resolution

We exist to resolve our clients’ complex commercial litigation challenges. Commercial disputes particularly are increasingly becoming more difficult to navigate. Expanding international businesses, changing regulatory requirements, increasing corporate scrutiny and complex cross-border transactions are among the drivers. Regardless of origin, the stakes can be very high, with potential global ramifications. Our clients look to us to proactively reduce their risk of doing business in Ghana and beyond. Our main goal as a firm, when our clients approach us with their commercial disputes, is to help them resolve these challenges in a practical, cost-effective and timeous manner.

Our lawyers have represented clients before both trial and appellate courts, regulatory and alternative dispute resolution bodies in Ghana. From the onset of a dispute through to resolution of same, we help our clients make well-informed decisions and guide them every step of the way.

Lawyers at Cedar Law Consult must first take the time to fully understand the particulars of your case while you get to know our attorneys and how we will manage your case because everyone deals with urgent worries or issues at some point in their lives.

Often, a first appointment is necessary to determine whether Cedar Law Consult is the ideal law firm to represent you in relation to your concerns. As a service to new customers, we provide pricing that encourages you to come to our office whenever you need assistance.

Cases of Litigation and Alternate Dispute Resolution and how it has
been handled over the years

It may be difficult for clients to select an attorney. You were most likely referred to Cedar Law Consult by a trustworthy attorney or former client. It’s also conceivable that you read about Cedar Law Consult in a magazine or on the internet. In any case, building a reliable relationship with you is necessary for effective representation.

Cases of Litigation and Alternate Dispute Resolution require expertise and experience

The experts at Cedar Law Consult have a lot of expertise with situations involving litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Our legal team is committed to making all practical attempts to assist you in obtaining the financial compensation you are entitled to as a result of being involved in an ADR dispute. Our team is made up of skilled trial lawyers who are assisted by knowledgeable legal support professionals in order to approach solutions for our clients in an efficient manner. The core of our legal practice is giving our clients guidance and help.

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