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We are an internationally-focused Ghanaian law firm located in the heart of the central business district of Accra, at the 9th Floor of the Emporium Building, Movenpick Hotel. The Firm is primarily oriented and structured around corporate and commercial practice. Aspiring and eagerly working towards becoming one of Ghana’s top 5 corporate law firms, our practice areas include: corporate and commercial law, tax, property, litigation & Alternative dispute Resolution.

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Our track record has garnered a great deal of weight and respect from illustrious businesses and other outstanding attorneys, which helps us produce better and quicker results than legal firms with a lesser reputation

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We only triumph if our clients do. Our clients' satisfaction ultimately defines our success.


Our Practice Areas

Corporate & Commercial

We advise leading financial institutions, multinational corporations, international agencies, corporate executives and directors in all spheres of corporate and commercial transactions, including but not limited to complex mergers and acquisitions and simple corporate secretarial services.

Tax Services

Tax jurisdictions are constantly evolving in this ever-changing economic environment. Today, governmental efforts to increase or maintain tax revenue levels pose new and difficult challenges for tax planning and dispute resolution for corporations, partnerships, and individuals alike.

Risk Regulation and Compliance

We believe the primary reason clients require lawyers is to mitigate the potential risks in proceeding without legal input. As a firm, we consider risk management and compliance as major keys to avoiding disruptive, large-scale litigation.


Property acquisition and land management presents a frustrating and intricate maze for most Ghanaian and multinational companies alike due to the challenges that attend land title acquisition in Ghana. Individuals are no less spared from these difficulties in the property space.

Litigation and Alternative dispute resolution

We exist to resolve our clients' complex commercial litigation challenges. Commercial disputes particularly are increasingly becoming more difficult to navigate. Expanding international businesses, changing regulatory requirements, increasing corporate scrutiny and complex cross-border transactions are among the drivers. Regardless of origin, the stakes can be very high, with potential global ramifications.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Advisory

Without a proper strategy for entering into any new market, FDI strategy review and advisory can become so crucial to businesses because if not done properly it can expose FDI transactions to intense legal challenges and increased costs. Advanced planning can also help avoid unexpected impacts on the target business's operations and restrictions on the investors' rights with respect to the target.

Professional And Experienced Attorneys

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Cedar Law Consult is ranked amongst one of the top law firms in the country with a success rate of 99% of cases handled.

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We are recognized as a leader by other businesses and attorneys for how quickly and expertly we handle our clients’ issues.

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As a firm, we remain committed to delivering unmatched value in a timeous and practical manner. Our team of lawyers boast extensive industry depth in their respective areas of expertise.


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I will like to say a big thank you to Cedar Law Consult and all of their attorneys for an excellent job done. They were always prompt, and they were only a phone call away if I had any questions. I had a terrific time dealing with them since they treated me like I was their only customer. I was really happy with them, and I will definitely use them again if I ever need them. They were all courteous and said they never met a stranger. I appreciate them all for their time and work.
Desmond Odoi
The Cedar Law Consult Law Firm is fantastic! This team not only treats its clients with the utmost professionalism but also with genuine concern. They kept me informed on every development and were always there for me, even for the most unimportant or unimportant issues. When it came to my recuperation and the conclusion of my case, it was their commitment to this client that made all the difference in the world. I would never go anyplace else and highly suggest Nana Asaa Bonful Kesse-Tachi and his team of professionals. There is no substitute for the best!
Terry Franklin

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